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Virtual Maternity Care for Underserved Populations: Part I

Best Practices & Resources for Delivering Digital Tools to Medicaid Populations

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Case Study: Remote Monitoring for Obstetrical Care

Detection and intervention of postpartum hypertension with Babyscripts Maternal Health Monitoring.

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RPM Reimbursement Guide 

Babyscripts’s clients can take advantage of
RPM CPT codes to provide virtual prenatal and
postpartum care and explore reimbursement
opportunities with payer organizations.


Case Study: Remote Monitoring for Obstetrical Care

Learn how Babyscripts was used to enable early detection and intervention of postpartum preeclampsia in a patient.

MedStar Health: Health Equity in Obstetrics

Health Equity Webinar

Loral Patchen, Ph.D., shares insights on equitable delivery of innovative care at MedStar Health

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Froedtert & the MCW Webinar

Inception Health leadership discussed their approach innovation to ensure that new digital health solutions are impactful and sustainable.


GWMFA Webinar

GW-MFA OBGYN leadership and providers to discuss how they approach research and innovation.

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Tower Health Webinar

Chair of OBGYN, Mark Woodland, MD shares his concept of TeVA Health.

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Virtual Maternity Care Playbook

A complete guide of best practices to taking your practice virtual.

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Postpartum Case Study

Find out how Babyscripts addressed postpartum risk factors provided a convenient solution to support continuity of care between nurses and patients.

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Atrium Health Webinar

We sit down with Women's Health leadership at one of the nation's leading healthcare systems to discuss how they approach innovation.

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Patient Engagement: The Value Spectrum 

Important considerations for how to measure patient engagement for digital health solutions.


The Future of Maternal Health

Babyscripts co-founder, Juan Pablo Segura, led a TED talk in Philadelphia focused on maternal health.


The Future of Obstetrics 2019

Our 3rd annual FOB was a huge success. Read the event recap!  

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Communication Technology in a Prenatal Medicaid Population

Impact of Babyscripts technology on care coordination for a Medicaid population in Milwaukee, WI.  

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Build vs. Buy Webinar

What health systems should consider when evaluating new technology.